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We take a common-sense approach in making stormwater compliance simple, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. It's called the Gullywasher method.

It is plain to see that there are too many people, using too many resources, and causing pressure on our natural habitats – soil, water, air. The municipal, industrial, and construction activities are being pushed to step up and protect the stormwater being shed off their property. Suspended solids, oils & greases, metals, and nutrients are all being monitored and reduced down to near atomic levels in some cases. And it is going to get tighter - as we have to make room for more and more people. Read more>>

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Blue Filter Gabions (BFG)
Maintaining stormwater compliance can be simple in design and easy to maintain. Our Blue Filter Gabions do not require power, chemicals, active labor, or open checkbooks to be environmentally compliant. Engineered to be LEED green – our BFG use sustainable, local, organic sources for the media blends. Read more>>

download brochure2-Stage Upflow Downspout Biofilter

Gullywasher has other metal-compliant filters for your needs. They are easy to install and maintain by one person. As a special cost bonus, the filters can be spray washed and used over and over. Our new 2-stage upflow downspout biofilter turns your rain gutters until a metal-compliant filter using only 27" square as a footprint. Read more>>

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Metal-Compliant Catch Basin Inserts
The environmental authorities throughout the US are starting to focus on the non-tolerance of any metal contaminate going into a Superfund-designated watercourse - whether it be a pond, lake, river,
bay or shoreline. Read more>>

download brochureFlood and Soil Erosion Control
Whether you are protecting hillsides, homes and businesses, roads or trying to control and divert floods through sandbags, there is a easier and faster way using our ground bladder technology. Read more>>

download brochureIndustrial Rain Gardens
I remember when galvanized metal roofs were considered the perfect method of shielding an industrial building from rain leaking into it. Now with zinc being considered an industrial contaminate, having galvanized metal roofing is a liability. Filtering stormwater coming off of warehouse metal roofs through passive media is a novel idea.
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